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Hannah montana #37

Sleepwalk This Way - Visades första gången 7 juli 2007
Robby wrote a new song but he refuse to play on the guitar. Miley found the song and read the lyrics, only to find that the lyrics don't make any sense and starting hating it, without telling her dad. Because she hates the song, she start suffering from sleepwalking. It happens again in school during class when Miley had insulted a science teacher's appearance (while sleepwalking) and got in trouble and got sent to the principal's office as a result. She return home and tells Jackson about how she hated the song and needs to confess to her dad. Unfortunately, Robby overhears it and got upset. She tells him about, only to discover that she wrote the song when she was 5. The real song is Bigger than Us made a big hit.

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